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Holiday home hot tub hire is becoming a very popular idea. Especially for hen weekends and family get togethers. We are finding more people coming to us renting a hot tub for their weekends away. As many holiday homes do not have hot tubs. Hot tubs can be a lot of hassle for home owners which is where we come in…


A hot tub can be a massive selling point to a customer when they are looking for a holiday home. And by hiring one from us, we take away all the hassle and stress of owning and maintaining a hot tub. There is also a new law coming out in early 2019 which means hot tubs need to have an inline filter fitted. This is so guests no longer need to deal with the chemicals. As a reputable hot tub company, we are following this new legislation.


We already work with several holiday homes in Kent, Suffolk and East Sussex, as their sole hot tub supplier. We make the booking process very easy. Once the guests contact details have been passed to us we will discuss the hire with them and get everything booked in. The only time you will hear from us is to confirm delivery and collection dates and times. As we want to make sure they are convenient for you. On delivery of the hot tub, we set the hot tub up so its ready for your guests to use when they arrive. As our hot tubs take approx 12 hours to heat, we recommend delivery the day before your guest arrives. On collection of the hot tub we drain the water and take the hot tub away for cleaning. As an incentive to holiday home owners, we offer a 10% commission fee for every hire we get. This offer only applies to properties where South East Hot Tubs are the sole hot tub supplier.

Holiday home rental

We also offer long term hires to holiday homes. Or if you have a hot tub that needs maintenance on a regular basis please get in touch with your requirements to see how we can help.

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