Hot tub hire for the weekend for a birthday or anniversary celebration is becoming very popular. It’s a cost-effective way to celebrate one or more occasions over a weekend with time to spare to relax in the hot tub! We have a range of hot tubs to suit any budget so finding the most suitable one to make your event perfect shouldn’t be too hard! Find out more about our hot tubs by clicking on the link or give us a call.

Renting holiday homes for the weekend is also becoming very popular. But not every holiday home has a hot tub which is why more customers are coming to us to hire one. We deliver the hot tub before you arrive, set it up so when you arrive the hot tub is ready to use and enjoy. We are on call during the hire so should you need any advice you will be able to reach us.

Hot tub hire for the weekend for a hen night is the perfect way to celebrate a bride to be’s ‘last weekend of freedom’ at a much more affordable price. Hen nights can be expensive so by hiring a hot tub and splitting the cost, its much more budget friendly! Plus, our weekend hire is for 5 days which makes it even better value for money! Our most popular hot tub for hen parties is our Antigua as its our largest, seating 8. Between 8 people that’s just under £32 per person!


Our weekend hires are either Wednesday – Monday or Thursday – Tuesday. This ensures enough time for heating, so the hot tub is ready to use for your event on the weekend. We do try and be flexible with days where possible so if you need alternative days please get in contact with us.


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