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Hot tubs are becoming very popular and the amount of choice consumers now have is massive. Obviously everyone would love a seated, solid hot tub with every fancy feature you can think of. But they are very expensive that people are looking for more budget friendly options. And the hot tubs you see in the shops which are just that are the inflatable hot tubs. Although they are a good price, are they really value for money as a hirer or consumer?

As a hot tub hire company we have found our niche in the market with seated, solid hot tubs. They are very popular because they aren’t as expensive as the ones you see selling for thousands of pounds, but they are still a high quality hot tub with built in seating. We have found is the biggest selling point to our customers. Because the shell is so durable they are ideal as you won’t need to spend any money repairing it, and as it comes with a lifetime warranty the quality speaks for itself. Whereas with an inflatable hot tub, because the shell is fabric, repair & maintenance would be a common issue and could be costly.


Our Rio hot tub fits through most standard gates etc so is our most hired hot tub. It has built in seats and colour changing lighting which are very popular features. The Rio heats to top temperature in around 12 hours, the inflatable hot tubs heating time can double this if not more, which may not mean you are getting the best value for money by hiring the cheapest hot tub. As the inflatable hot tubs spend more time heating this could also make your electricity bills higher. Because the heating power of the hard shell hot tub is so much better, they will heat to top temperature in no time regardless of the weather outside so you really will get your moneys worth!

Our Antigua hot tub is our largest hot tub and has built in seats for 8. As its our largest hot tub it is most popular for hen nights and larger events. With our hard shell hot tubs, they have air jets and water jets which pump hot water into the hot tub meaning it retains heat much better. With the inflatable hot tubs that only have air jets, the water will lose its heat much quicker meaning less time being able to use the hot tub.

Our G2 and G2 Plus hot tubs are very popular as they offer the full hot tub experience. The G2 hot tub comes with a lounger and the G2 Plus comes with a built in sound system and is Wi-Fi enabled! These hot tubs are proved to be very popular with luxury holiday homes.

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Inflatable hot tubs or solid hot tubs?


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